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A family tree ties your history together over time.

It’s easy to get started and we can grow yours.

We provide a high-quality, professional Family History Research Service to help you discover your ancestors and reveal their life stories.

Have you ever thought about family tree research but didn’t know where to start? Or maybe you have started looking into your family history but have hit a brick wall. With 30 years’ + experience and many satisfied customers, I am an expert in providing a high-quality, professional family history research service to suit your budget.

How can i help you...with our Family Tree Research Services

Don’t let your ancestors remain strangers in history. – With over three decades of experience, I provide a professional research service to help you discover the life stories of your ancestors. I pride myself on our passionate and patient approach that is always underpinned with a solid foundation of research skills and experience.


Walker Family Tree Research

Walker Family Tree Research

Do You Know Who Your Great Grandparents Are

No !

Then Let Me Find Them For You

My Background

I am Paul Walker, Genealogist with 30 years experience of researching Family Tree,

a Member of the Society of Genealogists. 

I first got hooked on Genealogy as a summer project back in 1971. Like most family’s during the long summer holidays, children were looked after by their grandparents.  
Hoping to keep me busy, my gran bought I book (which I still have) under the range of The Project Club - this one wasTrace Your Family Tree.

As the then “Oracle” and matriarch of the family, my Nan knew who all the family were, and who they were married to.  We then set up a handwritten tree which I still have.  It wasn’t until about 1990 when Family Tree Maker software was created to store this
information and search facilities became more assessable to make advancements, that I was able to carry this research further.

I have been offering my researching services for many years, but over a period of being asked for different applications, have now several options to offer. In most cases everyone will have four ancestral lines to cover, your maternal (mothers’ side)grandparents and your paternal (fathers’ side) grandparents, so in affect four trees.  In my case my father’s father was a Walter Walker, his wife Margaret McQueen, my mother’s father was Harold Hawker and his wife Gwendoline Sanders  

Walker Family Tree Services UK
Walker Family Tree Services

Your Research Will Include 
Tracing your ancestry back to the early 1800’s possibly late 1700’s or earlier if records are available.
A search for your ancestors using the 10 Census records taken between 1841 to 1911,
these records show place or area of residence, those living at the address, ages and birthplace if shown.

Records such as birth, marriage, and death index records,
1939 Census (taken in Sept at the outbreak of war)
(The 1931 census was destroyed during the war and the 1941 census could not be taken)

Military records where applicable
Online Photographs added by other relatives.
(Your photographs can also be added)
This research will be added to your own online copy of your tree, which you will have access to, and can edit and make additions.
(Stored on your own Free Ancestry account)

Each person will have their own “profile” page.

This page will include that person & personal details - date and place of birth, death and marriage.   
Copies of all the online records that I find such as census, birth, marriage and death.

There is a “photo gallery” which is used for personal photos and screen prints of documents I find on other search engines, 
such as Find My Past, Family Search and Find My Grave
Each main family line name will also within that line that 
Family’s Heraldic “Coat of Arms”
An Added Option is a Printed Scroll, which can be produced of Your Family Tree if you prefer to keep a physical copy,
especially if you are having the Tree made as a Gift for a relative. (POA)

Walker Family Tree Research Print out
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